REF-FM Ukerewe


REF FM UKEREWE is the first community-based radio station on the island of Ukerewe in Tanzania. The station will be run by people with albinism and other inhabitants of the island. It aims to give them a voice and a sense of community, and to encourage the acceptance of people with albinism. The station is part of a network of radio stations for and by refugees. People with albinism in Tanzania can be seen as refugees, fleeing killings for black magic. REF FM UKEREWE aims to foster peace and harmony between the communities and to give a platform to people with albinism to inspire others. 

Training new crew,

Training new crew of REF-FM Ukerewe.

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Ukerewe is the fifth largest lake island in the world, with nearly 300,000 inhabitants and an area of 530 square kilometres. Ukerewe island is known for having a large population of people with albinism (PwA), some of them finding refuge on the island. Many of the first of them to live here were taken to and abandoned on the island by their families as children. Despite comprising an exceptionally high percentage of the island's population, they are still, as throughout Tanzania, an oppressed minority on the island, though it appears to have avoided the killings of people with albinism, who are "harvested" for black magic rituals, that regularly occurs in Tanzania.


Your Story, Our Voice

Vedastus Wilfred

Vedastus Wilfred (with microphone) and Riziki Julius, teaching the students of Mkituntu Secondary School on Ukerewe Island about the challenges PWAs face. (Photo by Rizika Augustine)

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